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We have designed the first platform specifically made from the ground up for clinical use. All key attributes are targeted to be best-in-class and remove all doubts and risks from customers who understand deeply the target application and the market.

Next generation MALDI instrument


Clinical MALDI mass spectrometers are highly complex devices, requiring extensive technical expertise to develop and manufacture.

The highly-skilled team at Ascend Diagnostics understand what is necessary to create robust, accurate MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers. Our engineering and scientific credentials in product design, development and manufacturing allow us to create the reliable instrumentation required by tightly-controlled regulatory environments.

Our innovative MALDI-TOF instrumentation integrates novel ion optics with reliable electronics to achieve fast and dependable sample analysis in the smallest instrument possible.

All the key components of our small footprint MALDI benchtop mass spectrometers are specifically designed for use in high-sample volume clinical diagnostic laboratories.

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Our search engine is capable of rapid and accurate microbial identification. Searches are performed against a database of 2787 species, including mycobacterium, as well as species tested for clinical, agricultural, environmental and food samples.


Our web-based software has been designed in collaboration with leading clinicians and microbiologists. It supports the user through the entire clinical workflow – from sample preparation to results interpretation.

The software is also enabled for remote monitoring, allowing potential failures or a drop in the performance of the device to be detected remotely.